FreePBX installation

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(Sami Hep) #1

i already have my an asterisk server installed on my ubuntu laptop.

i want to install FreePBX to benefit from its GUI in order to add new users on my asterisk server. what should i do? how to make this happen?

i do not need to install another asterisk all i need is a web interface in order to have control on my already installed asterisk server.

(James Zhu) #2

you have to install freepbx, but make sure the versions match follow link:

(H.Yavari) #3

As you should worry about Asterisk config files after installation FPBX, I suggest install FPBX from scratch include Asterisk. It would be easier for any problem debugging too.

(Dave Burgess) #4

The way I normally recommend doing this is for you to take notes about your current Asterisk connections and reinstall from one of the distros. This way, you get tested versions of all of the support software as well as making sure that all of the settings in your PBX match up with the Asterisk settings.

The problem you are likely to run into the way you want to proceed is that a lot of your basic configuration information is not in the right configuration files. Since you’ve had to ‘hand craft’ everything you have now, none of these settings will carry over into FreePBX cleanly. Reinstalling from a distro and configuring everything from the GUI will ensure you can manage the system cleanly.

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