FreePBX Installation Script

Is there an installation script to install FreePBX.


That is a little bit vague.

You can download the tarbal, unpack it and run “install_amp” if that is (truly) what you are asking.

i am asking about a script to install the all components of Asterisk and FreePBX.


torintno, you really need to be more descriptive. Why would you want to that vs building from an ISO ?

Also, build it on what ? VPS, Appliance, Old PC, Toaster Oven ?

I have seen various attempts at a script for CentOS LAMPA/FreePBX, however in no way does one size fit all.

Something to consider… The farther you go off the beaten trail<–>the farther you go from the availability of help.

If you are new at this then stay on the trail.