Freepbx Installation on ARM

Dear all
I have installed asterisk 13.17 and freepbx 13 according to
FOP-InstallingFreePBX13onUbuntuServer14.04.2LTS-120817-1342-4146.pdf on my zynq SoC.
after installation, connecting from browser to freepbx is right but freepbx can not connect to asterisk.
the error is FreePBX cannot connect to Asterisk via AMI.
could you help me please.
best regard.

You probably have asterisk running as root

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thanks for your response.

thanks for your response.
I have run it as root and as linaro user but in both case the same error happens.
i have run freepbx with “sudo fwconsole start” command.
following is the log after entering this command:
thanks a lot for your helping.

That should solve your problem.

but unfortunately the error is the same. does dahdi have effect on it? because i did not install it. i only installed asterisk and freepbx.