FreePBX - Installation on a VPS, Extensions problems

Hi everybody,

I’ve got installed FreePBX on a VPS by OVH. The system is CentOS. I’ve got the interface, all works.

The trunk is online, I’ve been created an extension and I were putting those informations on my physical device, an IPPhone. But the phone has some problems to register.

I already have worked on custom professionnals PBXs (which use FreePBX base). But tis is the first time I start install on a VPS.

I think my problems are about the correct proxy and server.

Can you help me ? Thanks :smiley:

(excuse-me, my ‘english’ is not as good, I’m french :p)

Can you consider hide your IP and also do not expose the port to the wan you will be attacked so baad… But it is up to you.

Heeeeey you’re right. Thx, I’ll fix it, but do you have some issues for me ? :smiley:

It looks good to me, you will need to enable sip debugging on the server to see if any incoming packets, also check firewall rules and on the client side can use wireshark to see the registration process.

Yeah, good idea. Thanks, I’ll see it.