FreePBX install wont go on SIIG RAID


I had trouble with the FreePBX Distro CD. It would run for about 30 seconds and stop and say “Ready.”

I eventually figured out that it does not see any disks. This is odd because the trixbox install on the same hardware used the RAID (mirror) dirve fine and they both install Centos 5.n.

I have comepleted my port out of trixbox into FreePBX. I am very happy that I can update FreePBX and Asterisk now. However, for my production environment, I want my raid back.

does anyone know how to get Centos … Linux … freepb to recognize a mirrored raid from this SIIG controller: Serial ATA 4-channel RAID SC-SA4R12-S2

Under trixbox, it sees the disk as sil_agaid… /dev/sda. I think that is a pretty generic SATA Raid setup. How can I add it to my system?

Before you start, thr controller does allow creation of a mirror set with a source and destination so i dont have to start over.

Thanks in Advance.

It isn’t a hardware RAID, so why bother (Hardware assisted software RAID):

Just let mdadm manage your RAID if you’re going to do that. That way if your controller crashes you can throw it into ANY OTHER Linux box and still mount everything fine (I <3 mdadm).

I’m curious on how you even got this to properly work right on CentOS in the first place…