FreePBX in DMZ / Problems calling two internal extensions

We are currently trying to evaluate whether we should switch from our OnPremise hardware PBX with ISDN to a FreePBX on Asterisk basis with SipGate Trunking.

I have installed and configured FreePBX in a VM, connected and registered the SipGate Trunk.
The FreePBX server is located in our DMZ (Sophos UTC Firewall). I have set up some firewall rules and made the server reachable with a URL from external and internal.

Now I have set up my first 2 extensions. Then I connected 2 devices (a notebook with PhonerLite and an AndroidSmartphone with LinPhone) with the users of these two extensions. Both devices are in the WLAN outside our internal network and outside the DMZ, so to say “in the internet”.

I can connect to the FreePBX / Asterisk from these two terminals. Both say “connected”
There are currently neither outbound nor inbound routes created.

But now the problems start:

  1. from the smartphone with LinPhone I can only connect via UDP 5060, not via TCP or TLS 5061, but from the notebook with PhonerLite I can connect via all three transport routes.
  2. I can neither reach the smartphone from the notebook via the extension number nor vice versa. In both cases I get the info “Service unavailable”.

Is there anybody who can give a hint, where to find the problem?


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