FreePBX hsoting provider in Asia

Does anyone know a FreePBX hosting provider whose server is located in Asia (China, Singapore, etc…)? We need to setup a small system in Asia and the FreePBX website ( only lists companies with servers in America and Europe.

pbxes have servers in Tokyo I’m led to believe. (they’re running off Asterisk with an uncanny resemblance to FreePBX but it’s not quite FreePBX. Based in Germany with redundant servers in the US and Japan. Have used them for years now (out of Germany) - solid service and competent.
Three type of services: Free, medium, and pro - different costs/different volume usage.

I have no relationship with them except as a user.

Thanks for the reply. I am familiar with them but I am looking for virtual FreePBX hosting i.e. full control of our system where I chose the FreePBX distro version we install and maintain it. PBXES allows you to configure trunks, extensions, etc but I need full control of the system i.e. something similar as with a server in Asia.

Where in Asia? We have a partner in HK that can do this for you. They are inside the great china firewall.

PM me if this location works for you.

I wish that ‘great china firewall’ was bi-directional, watch out for all those ‘universities’ that will immediately attack you if you open up that can of worms :wink:

Actually India would be perfect as our client is in Singapore and the ping time from India to Singapore is only 30ms.