FreePBX - How to configure SIP forking to soft-clients sharing the same extension with two different IPs ( same subnet). PJSIP

Hey does any know how to configure SIP forking to soft-clients w/diff IPs (same subnet) sharing the same extension?

I thought PJSIP supported this by default but was wrong. Also, “Find me follow me” works fine to different extensions, but forks both calls to the soft client with IP address A, while ignoring the soft-client with IP address B tied to the same Extension.

Would anyone happen to have any suggestion on how to make this work?

Thanks GPBH2

It does, but you must set Max Contacts for the extension sufficiently high. I recommend setting to twice the number of devices, to handle the case where an intervening router changes the source port number.

I prefer that setup to multiple devices on the same extension. That ensures that the CDRs show which device made or received a call, and also allows you to set a delay for the secondary extension. For example, if you have a phone at work and another for working from home, then when you answer quickly at the office the home phone doesn’t ring and disturb your spouse. If you want calls from both phones to show the primary extension number, set CID Num Alias.

Thank you very much Stewart1 - I’ll give this a go later today (max contacts).

The Find me follow me feature definitely works great, but unfortunately the soft-client “per unit licensing” forces the use of the shared extension between the soft-clients.

Thank you very much once again for the assist!

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