FreePBX hosting

I need help. I am a newbie. I bought DID’s from The protocol for a number is: [email protected](SIP)

I want to rent a pbx from who gives you a FreePBX Asterisk System host.

Will I need to know how to program Asterisk in order to facilitate this ? Or, will it be realtively easy where I can just add a route ? Any help would be appreciated.

FreePBX uses a web GUI for a lot of it’s basic and semi-advanced work, if by “programming” you mean digging into configs, you should be fine.

However I don’t know of any immediate resources off the top of my head, other than Elastix Without Tears, which is pretty much FreePBX + A different interface + A bunch of terrible toys tacked onto the side /puritan rant.

That PDF (“Elastix Without Tears”) should be able to get you going with FreePBX too, unless someone here recommends something better.