FreePBX Hold Music on Intercom

Hey guys,

I’ve got a really weird, almost comical issue (I laughed my butt of the first time it happened, but it really does need to get fixed.) I’m running FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 13 and everything is up-to-date. But for some reason, when we place intercom calls to each other instead of hearing a beep we hear the hold music and we have to yell over each other for the conversation. This, of course, only happens on extensions with Intercom Mode enabled, regular calls work fine. But in our environment we rely on Intercom Mode and Auto Answer.

I’ve already checked to make sure the beep is set right in the Paging and Intercom module. And, of course, if I remove the hold music from the system it doesn’t play. It almost seems like the module is requesting the wrong function. Has anybody seen this issue or have any ideas?


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