Freepbx help about interconnect

I need to get number from a supplier and supplier share with me his only ıp adress and ports so How can ı make this happen?
Can ı connect without peer and user details or something?

Which provider are you working with? It sounds like they are using IP authentication, which means that all you need is to point your PJ-SIP settings at their server and away you go.

Connecting without Peer and User details is actually pretty simple these days, thanks to PJ-SIP settings. Peer and User settings are a Chan-SIP thing, so if you go with PJ-SIP, you should be able to connect pretty simply. See this post: PJSIP trunk between servers for more information.

they asked me my ıp after that give me a phone number and said now this number delivers call to your freepbx
Am ı have to do any configuration?
and also he said my freepbx doesnt reply. do you have any idea why?

Did you set up a PJ-SIP trunk like the picture I pointed you at?

ı will.Do you have whatsapp or skype that I can connect with you and ask some question?

Nope - ask here or pay an invoice.

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these are the details that I need to put my server ı guess

OK - set up a new PJ-SIP trunk.

Click the ‘pjsip Settings’ tab.

Set “Authentication” to “None”
Set “Resitration” to “None”
Set “SIP Server” address to “”
Set “SIP Server Port” to “5060”

You should get started from there.

On the Advanced tab, there’s a “Match” field for the other SIP Control address.

You should be good to go.

I made the settings that you told me
when ı call the number ıts not open automaticly
I create income route and did this Terminate Call: Put caller on hold forever

OK - look in /var/log/asterisk/full and see what the problem is.

When you set up the Inbound Route, did you leave the DID and CID blank? That sets up a route that will accept any incoming call.

yes ı leave blank
ı did that command and ıt said no such file or directory

What command? The only thing that looked like a command was the file /var/log/asterisk/full, which is a log file. You can get to the same information from the GUI by going to the Reports menu and looking at the log file.

here is the log file

I sent you the log file

You need to at least pretend to try to figure this out on your own. We’re not tech support, this is a user forum.

Find the part in the log where you are receiving the call and post the 20 lines on either side of the event to see can see what’s up.

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