FreePBX Header tabs

Can anyone point me to the correct file(s) to add a tab between recordings and help?

I want to place my Hylafax config page there.

if you do that it will be overwritten.

My suggestion would be to create a module which can be nothing more than a single module.xml that will launch your hylafax.

Here is an example that launches phpmysql:

  <phpmyadmin type="tool" category="Maintenance" sort="5" href="../maint/phpMyAdmin" target="phpmyadmin" access="all">phpMyAdmin</phpmyadmin>

I don’t think you need a page.phpmyadmin.php (in this example). I have one but think it is left over, if needed, the contents of it are trivial:

<a href="../maint/phpMyAdmin" target="_blank">phpMyAdmin</a>

but I don’t think it is used at all because the module.xml provides the information as an href so it will go straight to where you point and create a new target window named phpMyAdmin in the above example.