FreePBX hardware requirements

I need to host in datacenter a VM running FreePBX with 100 remote users and max 90 concurrent calls (3 x PRI/T1/E1 ISDN). I need to register every call an my SAN
Can someone suggest me how many vCPU, RAM, HD space i need ?


100 remote user use max 40 concurrent calls. We have 500 remote users on one system and less than 50 concurrent calls. If you don’t do any transcoding (g729) then you can probably get by with 4-6GB RAM and 2-4 CPU. HD space is only relevant if you record calls.

Most providers (e.g. Cyberlink official FreePBX hosting) will allow you to upgrade their VMs overnight so you could start with a less powerful config and upgrade as needed.

Thanks !