FreePBX GUI vs config files

Hi all, I am new to Asterisk and rather perplexed because there is conflicting literature on how to configure an Asterisk box. Some literature says you should never edit the .conf files while a lot of literature provides steps and even code to add to files like system.conf and chan_dahdi.conf for instance when setting up trunks and defining channels. But also in the FreePBX GUI I can’t see some parameters like channel numbers. Please help

If you are using FreePBX you use the only the GUI, if you are using plain asterisk you use the config files. When you search for tutorials be more specific in your query becasue many of them are for plain asterisk.

If the Dahdi helper module doesn’t cover your needs, you can just disable/uninstall it and edit those dahdi configs safely, Most other config files have a filename_custom.conf “#included” at the beginning of the context do your customizations in them if you are using FreePBX

As @dicko pointed out. Almost all FreePBX managed files will have a _custom.conf file. There are some exceptions to this such as voicemail configs and system.conf which don’t support includes. Usually anything we will over write will have a comment to that affect as the header.

Thanks all. This is useful. I will try to customize my box using FreePBX but its looking more like I have to uninstall it since I cant find many parameters.