FreePBX gui not responding

FreePBX 15 Distro

Had a request from a client to update a setting. Went in and changes the setting (voicemail to email address for an extension). Hit apply and got all sorts of warnings about tampered files.

did a fwconsole validate and it wouldn’t run. Did a fwconsole refreshsignatures and a bunch of the module were re-installed.

Re-ran the fwconsole validate and it clean a bunch of stuff up. Looks like this system had a resurgence of the K.php hack.

cleaned everything up and went to go back into the gui and it wouldn’t load the login pop up.

Unlocked the gui using fwconsole unlock on the cli

now in the gui no links will work correctly. For instance, if I go to Admin > updates the updates page will load but I can’t change tabs by clicking on them. The url in the address bar changes to indicate the selection but the page won’t reload to show the new content.

If I click on the Module Updates tab the URL changes to

if I go to extensions, the page loads but the extensions are not listed.

I would go back to the last backup that was successfully tested but on a new machine, that code gets everywhere.

yeah, I’ve got two backups to choose from. I’ll do that tonight.

Make sure you do that on a new ‘instance’ your current one is likely compromised beyond easy repair.

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