FreePBX GUI does not load in Chrome

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Hi All, I’m newbie in FreePBX and have a question about GUI in chrome browser. Today morning as I want to load GUI, the browser can not load …/admin/config.php page and still waiting for server. There aren’t any uapdate or upgrade in server for days. After a search in forum, found an issue that recomends to use another browser and I tried with IE. It was usefull and GUI has been loaded, but “Live Network Usage” window is empty with a message “Loading eth0 Interface …”. The PBX works fine and the calls exists as usual but I want to know, what is the problem with eth0 or probably another parts of system. What should I check to be ensure that everythings is OK?
Thanks in advanced

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Here is the content of my eth0 config

[root@freepbx ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
FreePBX Sysadmin Generated network configuration.
This file was generated at 2019-12-19T11:57:31+00:00


For the Chrome issue, you might want to try loading the page in an Incognito window, in case it’s an issue with a cookie or addon. As for the Live Network Usage, can you try a reboot? It seems to have helped with some experiences mentioned here:

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I faced again with the same situation. It happens unregulated every one week or ten days, and system work as usual only mornings if I want to open GUI for some monitorings, encounter with this issue that GUI does not load in chrome browser and I must use IE or MSEdge and in this case I see that Live Network Usage Graph stoped to platting. This situation does not changed after hours also and every time I have to reboot FreePBX.

Any Idea to help me, what I must be done or check?

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Reboots fix the issue? If reboots are fixing the issue, there there are a few things I would look at off the top of my head:

  1. Is the load on the system high?
  2. Is the current date/time correct on the server? Or is it wildly off?
  3. Is fail2ban being triggered for some reason?

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Thank @mbrooks for your answer.
case 1. Absolutly not
case 2. Checked and it’s exactly correct
case 3. Yes. I saw some error about one or two IP-Phones that during few hour intervals would be restricted by fail2ban but after than they return to service without any problems.

I tried to observe these connections but have no success, unfortunately.
Can you please recommend me about issue with fail2ban?

Thanks in advanced

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If you are accessing the PBX from the same client just different browsers, then I don’t think this is a fail2ban issue.

Something must be wrong with your chrome.

Also, IIRC, the statistics page works best in Chrome and Firefox. I am not sure if IE is fully supported.

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It’s correct @PitzKey , the issue happens on same client. If I have issue with chrome at the same time and same client I can load GUI in MSEdge. But the question is that on chrome it happens only some times and usually I use chrome without any problem. What can goes wrong with chrome that acts rarely?

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