FreePBX Gui Cannot Reload

So Here is a weird one. All of the sudden, I cannot reload freepbx via HTTP, but i can do it manually in the console.

From the web:

There was an error during reload: Unknown Error. Please Run: fwconsole reload --verbose

Unknown Error. Please Run: fwconsole reload --verbose

Then I go into the console and run the command and get this

[root[email protected] ~]# fwconsole reload --verbose
Reload Started
Reload Complete
[[email protected] ~]#

I do not know where to start troubleshooting when the console variant does not produce any errors.


After reloading the page is still not getting displayed, right?

But is it the same error that you are getting now?

Correct, I even tried a different browser incase I had an iffy login session.

Does the web side have it’s own error logs it might write to?

Can you post a screenshot of the page?

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