FreePBX + Google Voice + iPhone

I got FreePBX thinking I could use my experience with Cisco Call manager to configure it.

That was a mistake…

All I want to do to start is learn this PBX platform, tie it to Google voice and let my iPhone use it for calling.

My network is just basic and private with a Netgear N300 for NAT access to the internet.

What are the steps to configure FreePBX to do what I am looking to make use of it for?


Start with the Wiki, conveniently linked to at the top of this page, perhaps:-

would be a good place to start.

There is a video tutorial to show you how to get this working with Android. You shouldn’t have any problem substituting your iPhone for the Android phone.

Also, PBX-In-A-Flash seems to offer this, right out of the box.

I had to take a break from experimenting as I had just started my job.
Thanks for the video as that is just what I needed to make it work!

Just to let you know, I have successfully integrated GV + FreePBX + iPhone
Also, I can recommend these iPhone apps (should anyone ask in the future)

Join Softphone- lots of codec support, very flat UI look, setup is straightforward
LinPhone- codecs everywhere, and simple setup

Also, I may have messed something up, is there a way to change a dialing rule to append +1 automatically? I thought I did, but the system won’t call until I add a 1 to any number I call.