Freepbx Generating call alone

Hello, I came across this problem for the second time the first time I redid all the freepbx and put a backup more antipo because I thought it could be something I had done later.
But now the problem is similar, before he made calls every second without overloading the server and generating several audio files.
Now it has created the same problem but only outside of office hours.

Log CDR reports:

And it is generating audio files with that name:

This is not one in this log, but it always creates with this initial and changes after -s-.

CDR is not a log, it’s just the Call Dispositon Record, and it doesn’t help us at all.

You need to supply a log from /var/log/asterisk/full showing the call and what’s happening and post it to pastebin:

The full log is not showing anything. All my extensions are pjsip and range from 100 to 701 and IRV 1000 only.

Log CLI:

Audio files.

If the log lines show legit calls, then your trunk is misconfigured and incoming calls are showing up as anonymous. Otherwise, you have SIP ports open to the world and with anonymous calls enabled every anonymous INVITE from the internet goes to your inbound routes.

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