FreePBX Freeze

Distro - 13, all updates
Altered User Manager, user description and saved. Clicked on Apply and did not complete. Now can’t access the GUI. Asterisk still operating.
PBX failed last week and required a full image restore. Any suggestions on debugging?

when you say a “full image restore” can you be a bit more explicit? did you boot up a new, clean distro and do a restore? or are you running a hypervisor and restored a snapshotted image of what you were running?

Actually, I was finally able to connect to the GUI. Apply was still on and I clicked and it completed ok. Strange.

I down the PBX and use Acronis to make a full disk copy to DVD. I restored from the DVD. ( one note, when I used Module Admin to update,the VoiceMail update posted an error. I then repeated the update and then went back and updated the VM and it completed ok.

sounds like everything is now working?

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