FreePBX (FREEPBX-16097) Unable to generate MOTD - Freepbx14 virtualized on Proxmox

Hi everyone

I am trying to have Freepbx 14 virtualized in Proxmox, but I’m still getting the Unable to generate MOTD, the /usr/sbin/fwconsole message after logging in as root. I’m using the SangomaOS distro with freepbx 14 and asterisk 13, the Proxmox version is 4.1-1

VM settings:

1 GB of RAM, 2 cores, hard disk IDE, QEMU image, SeaBIOS

Steps done:

Created the VM with IDE hard disk, didn't work
Created the VM with SATA hard disk, didn't work
The BIOS is SeaBIOS that doesn't have UEFI support

Thanks for you help

IIRC, the minimum memory requirement for Asterisk is 2GB.

Hi Cynjut

I have the same distro installed in Virtualbox with 1GB of RAM and it doesn’t show the problem, I think isn’t a RAM problem