FreePBX Framework - Breaks the GUI

Tony, thanks. It’s work.

Thank you for your message, before I continue I would like to point out few things for me to better understand the issue.

Point 1)
I have recovered the error following the manual installation of the latest framework, confirm the system is running PHP 5.1

Point 2)
The distro I use is the one taken directly from you site 4 years ago, no chnages to it, just installed, configured, and regularly updated via yum and module admin. I do not add or remove anything that is not standard with the FreePbx distro.

Point 3)
Should the various updates like latest PHP be pushed down automatically during a yum update procedure ?

Point 4)
I have learned in the past ( the hard way ) that if I would go and force updates or in anyway changing packages from the original distro than most probably things will brake.

Point 5)
When is said to update to the latest PHP how one is supposed to do it if the updated itself is not included automatically in the distro ? In my case the distro at the time was based on CentOS 5.X
Should one re-install the latest distro from your site ?
I understand your distro is based on CentOS and with this distro is not possible to upgrade for example from 5.X to 6.X, I guess this is part of the problem when it comes to have the latest packages.

I omit the output as now the system is working, so I guess not of much use for you.
Anyway if need it let me know I’ll provide you all the info you request

May I thank you for the hard work with this product, apart from this small glitch, for me is very stable and works very well.

We didn’t have a Distro 4 years ago. I am not sure what you downloaded or installed. Is it PBX in a Flash, Elastix, trixbox (God forbid) or something else?

Also FreePBX is not a product nor is the distro. It is a project, free software in the public domain worked on by many people. It is important you understand the ecosystem.

Schmooze runs the project and bug marshalls but they can’t be responsible for the myriad of environments it’s installed on.

Could be not exactly 4, but this is where I normally dowlnload the distro and from where was downloaded

I am in no way. complainimg, I am just trying to umderstand how the project is put togetgher with the OS, I probably got confused by thinking that FreePBX was putting together the distro as well.

Thank you

We provide upgrade scripts for the Distro that handle upgrading everything. You can find them in our wiki.

Thanks to all at FreePBX/Schmooze - I happened to look at a different box this morning and saw FreePBX Framework and looked at the Changelog - Updated the box to all the current modules and tada - Fixed.

Thanks to all for the quick help.