freePBX forces httpd %cpu higher

Hi Guys,

A performance question.

I have my system up and running and all is very well actually. But I have noticed one issue as follows:

When I issue the command #top to watch cpu utilisation , I noticed that httpd is almost always on top of the list with %cpu ranges from 15% to 25% and that only happens when freePBX GUI interface is open (and even without being used).

Is this normal?
Can we do anything to minimize this impact on cpu utilisation?

Many thanks

Sorry, that’s not near enough information to go on. What hardware are you running this on? What page is it on?

If it’s on the system information page, that’s a dynamic AJAX page that’s constantly polling the system, which will use more CPU than other pages.

It’s probably nothing to worry about, unless it’s always using that much CPU, no matter what page you’re on.