FreePBX, Flowroute and Outgoing/External Voicemails Getting Cut Off

(Computer Mikes) #1

PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2104-1.sng7
Asterisk Version:16.17.0

Flowroute as SIP provider.
My client is having issues with leaving voicemail on external phone numbers getting clipped around the 10s point. I was curious if there is something I am missing to remedy this.


In Asterisk SIP Settings, try setting RTP Timeout to 180 (3 minutes). If no luck, paste a log of a failing call, including SIP trace, at and post the link here.

(Computer Mikes) #3

I set the RTP Timeout to 180.

RTP Hold Timeout is 300 and RTP Keep Alive is set to 0.

Sound about right?

(John Jarrett) #4

Check and see if AMD, Answering Machine Detection is enabled. If so, try disabling it. It is a module. My nephew had a similar problem when leaving messages on his FPBX and this fixed his issue.

(Computer Mikes) #5

Just disabled AMD.

Will monitor to see how that works for the next week.

(John Jarrett) #6

Just curious if this might have fixed your issue.