FreePBX Flash Operator Panel - Extension status

From time to time two extensions appear to get linked in the panel. The panel shows both going off hook and dialing the same numbers at the same time etc.

Either I have not had enough coffee yet or there is no ‘panel’ that I am aware of that is in freepbx. This sounds like it may be a trixbox utility? Is it inside of freepbx? (if so - what is it called and does Module Admin show it as available in the online repository?)

The Flash Operator Panel

The FOP has lots of bugs and is only there as a convenience. It has also been known to create instability in a system. As a result - I never run with it. You may want to edit your post to be more specific - put Flash Operator Panel in the header, maybe someone else who uses it may have some insight.

Hello Philippe

I also find the FOP a bit fuzzy.
I tried the HUD panel but it does not support IAX.

What options do I have.

I would like to have functions like transfering calls between extensions, seeing missed calls, setting status on extensions (busy, away, meeting etc), playing voice mail etc.

Is there any other panel you would reccomend?

if you find a good alernative let us know so we can investigate getting it into freepbx…

busster8 - i understand your problem as it happens alot to me too. Perhaps try posting the the FOP mailing list. Maybe someone there can help you

hmm- what you just wrote doesn’t make any sense to me. You may want to re-state your point if you are looking for any sort of feedback on it.

I have two separate extensions, 111 and 120. Appear in the freePBX panel within TrixBox 2.0. Sometimes, not all the time, when one phone goes off hook and dials a number, the panel shows both phones going off hook dialing the same number. The timer for both extensions is identical.