FreePBX Firewall is blocking all my access

Hi everyone I am new to freepbx, And l am running freepbx version 14 (the latest one). I did set up everything but as soon as I put the firewall to work I cannot access the the freepbx from any computer (even a remote one). I had to restart the server twice so I can do some changes during the safe mode 5 minutes period. I did disable the intrusion detection service but it is still taking me out from the moment the firewall starts. Could you please guide me on how to solve this issue? thank you very much for your help in advance.

You could whitelist (Trust) your IPs (assuming their static). In the firewall module. That would be the easiest route, I believe.

Have you have a chance to check out the documentation? It’s pretty good for this module.

Thank you very much! I was doing everything on the intrusion protection but not on the firewall directly. Thanks again.

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