FreePBX Firewall default GW Routing Problem

Thinking more about this, I’m pretty sure I’ve guessed what the problem is, by figuring our what you’re NOT telling me. I think what you’re NOT telling me is that these IP addresses are on different networks.

This is going to confuse a pile of things, and Asterisk is only one of them. If they’re on different networks you need to change the IP address of the server, and then restart asterisk.

I’d suggest having two interfaces. One on with a default route of, and the other (shut down) with the address with a default route of When you want to fail over, shut down asterisk, shut down eth0, and then start up eth1 and start up asterisk.

The Servers are on different Networks. But both are added with eth0:1 with the same Failover IP Address.
But the Address is routed over the eth0 Adress. (The Datacenter makes this)

I tried now leaving the Default Gateway away on both interfaces and just set a default gw route.

I will try if i get sound now.