freePBX firewall broken

Hi all,

FreePbx version FreePBX 14.0.1alpha34

i am new to freepbx, our box recently restarted and now its firewall is not working. when i go to freepbx GUI and expand connectivity menu, it doesn’t show firewall option.

when i ssh into box and run command “fwconsole firewall -h” it gives the following error. please help.

[[email protected] fail2ban]# fwconsole firewall --help

The “xml” option does not exist.

help [–format FORMAT] [–raw] [–] [<command_name>]

You appear to be a few years behind in updates.

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how can i safely update this to highest possible in version 14?

i have tried upgrade all from module admin but it failed with exception error.

You should probably start with a full backup and get the tarball off the system somewhere safe. Then do yum update.

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