FreePBX Feeding SIP to Internal SIP PBX

Using FreePBX 2.11 Distro

Is there an existing context that I can put a SIP trunk into that allows it to use outbound routes like FreePBX extensions do, and still accept inbound calls through inbound routes like extensions do?

I have an internal SIP based PBX that I want to go through FreePBX for inbound calls and outbound calls as well as intercom calls between FreePBX and the internal PBX.

I tried the from-internal context which works great for outbound calls from my PBX through FreePBX to the SIP trunk provider, but not inbound calls from the SIP trunk provider through FreePBX to the internal PBX trunk.

If I use a FreePBX extension (instead of a trunk), it works great except my PBX cannot set outbound callerID without FreePBX blocking it with fake auth failures…

Id rather have my PBX using an extension instead of a trunk if possible and still have the PBX set its own caller ID per call and FreePBX allow it through.

Is this one of those cases where I would use the User section of a trunk definition in FreePBX?

You can only choose one inbound context. Can you add digits in the other PBX to the front of the call? You could strip them and send those calls only to from internal with a bit of dialplan script.

Good idea. Thanks :slight_smile: