Freepbx feedback - callback question

Kdub wrote:

[quote]Nice intergration with Trixbox, without your gui I would be clueless but I’m trying to figure out why the callback feature does not work I know there’s a fix for it with a new ruby script but why haven’t you guys adress that…ah well maybe I’m barking at the wrong three since you only do the GUI nonetheless if there’s anything you can do it would be greatly appreciated.


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thanks for the comment. In response to your post - NO, we don’t only do the GUI. freepbx is a whole application with many scripts, complex dialplan, etc. As far as the callback - for starters I don’t use it and it hasn’t been a priority to test. If there are improvments - they need to be submitted into our ticket system so we can evaluate and make them available (replace what is there, etc.).