FreePBX Feature question

I´m a newbie in freepbx, and I would like to know if is possible that to set a scenario like this:

I have some sellers with their cellphones. I would like to give they a number to call and when they call, before system pick up, freepbx get callerid, hang up and then callback.

But I want to do a callback through voip line, and give they a tone to call to a desired number.
If what I want is possible, then I should use two lines? one for callback and other to give a tone? or I can use just only one voip line with coference enable?

I hope that someone can help me.

Okay let me see if I can get a clear understanding…

I am not positive but I believe asterisk has to answer. so here is the flow i get from your post

  1. Answer
  2. Get user CallerID
  3. Hangup
  4. sleep x seconds
  5. callback number from caller ID
  6. Drop user to conference bridge.

That sounds almost exactly like what ‘callback’ does. However, you can’t select which outbound trunk it uses for the callback as far as I can see. That would be based on your dialplan. Perhaps you could customize it.

Well, you don't need to answer to get the callerid:

1. Compare callerid with a list of allowed callers

2. Hangup

3. Sleep x seconds 

4. Make a call and drop the answered call to a DISA app. 

So where I can set a list of callers IDs allowed to use callback. As long as I know when I setup a callback its only possible to set allow one number.

Thanks for supporting

P.S: sorry about my ignorance.

How can I setup a conference brigde?
Its possible to use just one voip line? or I´ll need 2? One for callback and other to give tone signal to my sellers call wherever they want?

I want to callback through voip. So I´ll not need to buy lots of FXO and FXS modules. IIs it possible?


P.S: sorry about my ignorance.

You can select the outbound trunk via your dial plan - just make everything use your outbound VOIP trunk. Simple solution.

To make this happen you just need 1 voip number, that can be called from mobil phones.
In freepbx you set up an Inbound route for each mobil phone number pointing to callback., where the callback field (number to call) is empty, that way the number that called will be called back.
Then of course you need enough accounts that multiple outgoing calls can be made at the same time. That differs depending on the voip provider.
Additionaly you also need a braodband connection, so that multiple calls can be handeld.