Freepbx failed ext registrations

Hi Guys

Newbe here

I have Ubuntu server 9.10 with asterisk, freepbx ( 2.7.0) and a2billing (1.6.0) new installation

I created ext through a2billing/admin which is ok when i set up xlite with account details.
when i create ext through freepbx i can see it in database under ASTERISK table DEVICES but i get a Registration error 404 in xlite.

I am connected on the same lan so no firewall and i dont see anything when i run asterisk -vvvvr

Does Frrepbx create additional-extensions.conf that i need to include in asterisk or do i need to add a connection to the Database

Any ideas.

After you create the extension (submit), open it up again and change nat=yes to nat=no. Sometimes that screws things up. Make sure that the extension/secret matches in both the xlite and FreePBX. From the Asterisk CLI> “sip show users” will show the extensions and their passwords.

I got it sorted i needed to include sip_additional.conf to the sip.conf file

now i have to figure out why trunk/route does not work

I link two pbx asterisk, only one side connects the trunked I sip on the other side can not, do the same in both exactament pbx, have identical versions on both sides of the 2.7 0 I could help.