Freepbx extension multichannel

FreePBX is installed.
connected 1 trunk with 5 numbers and 30 channels.
I created 1 extension number (example 1999), set up call forwarding in the incoming rules by DID from the provider to the extension number. but when 2 calls arrive, it’s busy there.

  1. Does freepbx on internal numbers support multi-channel?
  2. is it possible to redirect from 1 external number from the provider to 1 internal number with multi-channel support ?

Yes. Is call waiting enabled?
And when you say you setup “call forwarding”, you pointed the inbound route to Extensions > 1999?


additional question. Call waiting gives support for more than 2 channels?

) is this done due to the function of waiting for a call to an internal number?

OK, seems like a queue might be a better solution for you. What are you trying to accomplish?

on your question, I decided to turn on call waiting and really passed more than 2 calls to an extension
I wanted to transfer 1 external number to a third-party company referral service.
thank you for help

Then point that Inbound Route to a Misc Destination, which won’t limit any channels.

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