FreePBX Enters its Next Exciting Phase

If you spend time around our forums and website then introductions are hardly needed. Almost 3 years ago we listened to our user base and evolved from the FreePBX application to the FreePBX Distro, with all the added security and great engineering enhancements that came with controlling a whole Distro. This would not have been possible without the partnership of Schmooze Com, Inc. who stepped up to the plate in providing and completely running the Distro project. Along with that partnership came thousands of hours of selfless contributions back to the project and can be clearly seen from all the improvements in FreePBX all the way to our website infrastructure and ‘shiny new facelift’ which Schmooze drove and significantly contributed to.

Today we take the next step in this great journey by announcing the FreePBX Trademark along with the entire SIPSTATION business has been acquired by Schmooze. With that acquisition I will also be joining Schmooze allowing us to put 100% of our attention on the FreePBX project. In addition to the continuous progress on FreePBX which just keeps going, we are already looking at other areas of the project. We’ll be expanding the FreePBX training to include a proper certification and reseller program in the next couple months. On the SIPSTATION front, we’ll be adding features and capabilities that have been long requested, and then investigating some really cool features specifically designed to interact tightly with FreePBX.

This is a really exciting time for the FreePBX project. In it’s 8th year FreePBX dominates the Open Source PBX space and as most of you know, usually surpasses most of the other competition out there also! With millions of downloads and installs over the years, FreePBX has proven it is a leader not only in the Asterisk space but PBX’s in general. This new improved structure will ensure that we continue that momentum and keep FreePBX at the forefront of the PBX space!

For now, keep an eye on this site as we continue to roll out all the great things FreePBX has to offer including pushing 2.11 out the door which will happen shortly!

Philippe - On behalf of the FreePBX and Schmooze Team!

I am looking forward to seeing these new features, as a user of Sipstation and FreePBX.

I think I can speak for all of this forums users, when I say, we appreciate the hard work you guys put in, to making this PBX system work without fault… THANK YOU!

Certainly expanding the training scheme is great news. I would love it if we could get training over in the UK.

Great work guys… Glad to see it all finally coming together- Cheers! MW

We look forward to the great things to come

So kinda like what Fonality did to Trixbox?! I certainly hope not.

No. This is nothing like that. Schmoozecom has been at the fore-front of all development in FreePBX for the last 4 years. If it weren’t for Schmoozecom there would be much less progress on the project as a whole. In fact Schmoozecom has supported the development of several open source modules (Parking, DAHDi Config, Google Voice, Channel Motif to name a few) and has put countless hours into making FreePBX a better project overall. (Advanced settings, new gui).

I dont see how this is related to Fonality at all. Remember that Fonality took trixbox and forked it and din’t submit back changes to freepbx and eventually killed it off over the course of 3-4 years. Schmoozecom has been helping FreePBX for at least 4-5 years. If you think this is a fork you are very confused.


Now I know why called me and asked me to switch over to them last year.

Have to put in my 2 cents…Schmoozecom IS freepbx.