FreePBX Endpoint Manager Add Brand "An error occurred"

I recently upgraded my FreePBX from 11 to 13 and upgraded asterisk to 13 to test the new PJSIP. Unfortunately it is not quite integrated into the Endpoint Manager, so I bailed and did a complete reinstall of my PBX with the 64bit 6.12.65 ISO distro. I activated the server and all is going well. (I’ve been doing reinstalls quite a bit for testing features).

But this time, my EndPoint Manager, when I click on “Add Brand” on the sidebar, I get the popup that normally shows a list of phone brands, now says “An error occurred”.

Nothing has changed on my network, or the computer I am running the GUI from. Any recommendations?

Any luck in finding a solution? I am in the same boat. Fresh install , version and when I go to add brands, I get “An error Occured” as well.

Yes I found a workaround until they fix the bug. If you go into Extension Mapping (on the sidebar of EndPoint Manager) and with “Save and Rebuild” click “Use Selected” it seems to rebuild something in the background, because the “Add Brand” works again. At least it did for me. I already posted it as a bug in their system.

Hope that helps!