FreePBX encryption

Is it possible to encrypt the FreePBX (or the voicemail & recordings folders) without causing any issues with Voicemail, recordings and/or FreeBPX functionality?

Not sure I understand the question. You can do whole-disk encryption which should work with FreePBX, but just the VM and Recordings folder? My first thought would be “No”, since there’s no way for the system to decrypt the folders to use them after that.

The answer is no, nothing encrypted can be used. That is not how encryption works.

Before being made usable anything must be decrypted.

So now that we have that out of the way, how about actually leading with what you are trying to accomplish.

I want to keep the voicemail and recordings encrypted for HIPAA proposes as it may have protected patient information (PHI).

If encrypting the whole disk will work then I am OK with that

There is no such requirement.

The HIPAA requirement isn’t to encrypt the data, it’s to protect the datasource. Good usernames, appropriate passwords, double firewalls. and no access to the system from unauthorized users meet your needs.

Dave and Jared, thank you for your answers. I will work on protecting the access. Thanks again.

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