Freepbx enable "call waiting" failing for some extensions

Hi all

A. Asterisk 1.6 and
B. FreePBX

Enable Call waiting in each of the 5 extensions.

Current scenario:
For 3 extensions I am able to enable call waiting. But for the other 2 extensions, 7001 and 8051, I am not able to enable the call waiting.

The error message I get in the log file are:
WARNING[14431] db.c: Unable to put value ‘ENABLED’ for key ‘7001’ in family 'CW’
WARNING[14469] db.c: Unable to put value ‘ENABLED’ for key ‘8051’ in family ‘CW’

I have tried the following debug steps:-

  1. Delete the old extension and create a new extension
  2. Choose “Apply configuration changes” after each step
  3. Delete “follow me” settings of problematic extension and then enable “call waiting”.

Here is a you tube video showing my problem:

I will really appreciate some feedback,

If you need me to run some debug steps and post output here please feel free to ask me,


Enable mysql logging and see if you can find the exact sql command that is being executed and throwing the error.