FreePBX downgrade

I had to downgrade a FreePBX system from 2.9 to 2.7 (pls don’t blame for this, it is a running production system which was inadvertently upgraded and I could not re-install it nor maintain 2.9 release). Asterisk version is 1.6.2.

I downloaded FreePbx 2.7.0 installer from and run it. After installation, I entered the web interface and I had to enable the FreePBX Framework module which was marked as Disabled but locally available.
After that I got 2.7 working, apart from Module Administration: in fact, online Module Administration still checks for 2.9 modules. I could update and install 2.7 modules only locally, i.e. by downloading them on my PC and then uploading to Module Admin.
Please note that the FreePBX version in the header blue bar is correct, while in the footer version 2.9.0 is reported.

Any suggestion how to correct the version mismatch and to restore online module admin?


You have to extract the directories from the tarball. the installer does not do this for you.

The FreePbx version number is stored into the mysql database asterisk, inside table admin as variable version.
In my system it was set as 2.9.0, I updated it to 2.7.0 and now Module Admin is working as expected.