Freepbx doesn't change the outbound caller id from GUI

Hi all!!!

I have very seriously trouble with the outbound caller id, because i want to change it only for one esxtension but the freepbx WEB GUI doesn’t change the si_additional.conf file and the caller id remain the intern of pbx. Now i have delete any cid for trunks and outbound routes, so the only cid is for the extension.

I have hurry hurry, i hope clear explain, and i’m sorry for my bad english!!! :wink:

thanks for all reply

Assuming this is a digital trunk, you could create a second outbound route and put the “Route CID” to the Called ID you want and then in the dial pattern add the extension in “CallerID” field of the pattern.

Thanks DungeonMaster3000 but this is trunked to AVAYA central and i need to pass the caller id from asterisk when i dial the number. i have configured this with call file and set the caller id from file work!! but when i change the outbound CID from freepbx web gui doesn’t change the caller id but the context yes!!!

i don’t understend what do you write can you explain me more specific or less?


The real problem is the web gui doesn’t change the file and conseguently the ext is unkwnon!!!

I have do it from dialplan!!!

i have written a script php for retrieve the outbound cid from mysql local, and the settings inserted from web gui. subsequesially set the caller id with the result of the query and then dial the number!!!

I have solved!!!