FreePBX Documentation project / bounty (?)

I today updated some pages of the FreePBX Documentation (or more specifically the Module Documentation) and then realized that the doc is quite outdated / incomplete, including for some core / basic functionality / UI pages (well - actually I’ve known that before…)
That’s why this should be a little effort to start kicking off a “FreePBX Documentation project” or something.
A quick list of tasks / roles that might be helpful:
[] writers - It’s a lot of work for one guy alone to improve the doc - sharing the work also means sharing the fun!
] proofreading - although I’m trying my best and use dictionarys and copy&paste from the “tooltips” in FreePBX UI a lot, I’m not a native English speaker after all
[] Sponsors - Maybe someone would like to donate for the documentation effort?
] concept / styleguide - in my opionion, the structure of the single (Module) Documentation pages lacks a little cleanup. (This has likely to do with the fact quoted on the mod doc entry page that most of the pages “have been moved over more or less verbatim from AussieVOIP”.) But: I think that it’s more important to have good documentation than to have good looking documentation - however, having a good, clean structure could help…
[*] “doc team” maybe inluding a “doc team lead” - might be a good idea, maybe that could take some work off from Philippe (if he wants that…) - (for the record: I’m not volunteering for that lead position!)

Anyone volunteering? - Or do you think documentation is not needed? (In my opinion, it is, especially to hel new users get on track)