FreePBX Distro with Digium Phones

Is it possible to install the DPMA digium phones package on top of the FREEPBX distro? If so, how do I load that package on the distro.

Right now I am running on ASTERISKNOW distro, but it has too many bugs and cannot get the latest features from freepbx updates as its still running centos5 and php5.

Thank you!

You can pretty much get any SIP phone work with FreePbx/Asterisk. Remember that the folks at Digium are the developers of Asterisk and they built their phones to work with it. Once you get a FreePbx distro up and running and look at the configuration, you’ll find a good bit familiar. It’s kind of like word processors, I’ve pretty much found if you can run one, you can run them all.


The user is asking about DPMA not if the phones will work. The digium phones use a separate package called DPMA which must be partially compiled into Asterisk to enable certain special features of the Digium phones.

I believe the 1.8 version has this already incorporated while 2.11 no longer has a DPMA branch (as it is fully incorporated)

The FreePBX Distro using Asterisk 10 or 11 should have support for DPMA.

I have been wrestling with setting up DPMA using the instructions on Digium’s site and it only half works. The phone’s don’t seem to be fully configured with a SIP account which I assume is because FreePBX doesn’t use the SIP.conf file the same was as stock Asterisk. Is this my problem? I do not have the Digium Addons modul einstalled and am trying to do this my editting the res_digium_phone.conf manually.

The digium addons module is not the same thing as the FreePBX Digium Phones Module.

I have DPMA installed on a certified Asterisk and have used FreePBX to set up al of my extensions, queues and routes. Works great. I bought 16 Digium Phones, I would really like to use the DPMA to provision them as it makes it easier to deploy and manage the phones, and it makes it possible to use a centralized contact XML which you can’t do with these Digium phones any other way (yeah they are that stupid). My sip.conf file doesn’t have anything in it because FreePBX uses other conf files to store peer settings. If I put anything in that file it gets rewritten by FreePBX anyway. The DPMA uses the sip.conf file to grab peer settings when it is provisioning a phone. I therefore cannot use the DPMA with FreePBX. Please tell me I just missed something, I’d rather be dumb than stuck provisioning these all by hand and having no shared contacts. You told me the FreePBX Phones Module is nopt the Digium Phones Add-ons Module. Cool. Where is this Digium Phones Module? Sounds like just the thing to get me sorted out. A quick serch of this site turns up zilch on that. Again, if I am just dumb…awesome. as long as it works.


See -

Along with -


Thanks! Looks like you just wrote the instructions and I really appreciate it! I have been looking for an answer to this for months! Finally, i will have fully functioning digium phones on a freepbxdistro (not asterisknow) yay!

You just install the DigiumPhone version of Asterisk or whatever they call it. There is a readme in the DPMA source code that explains how to install and register it. It’s fairly straight forward. Assuming you already know how to install Asterisk.

DPMA works with mainline Asterisk 11. You only need a special branch if you’re on Asterisk 1.8 (-certified) or Asterisk 10 (-digiumphones, don’t do new installations of 10 as 10 is kaput)

Thanks man this is what I have been searching for. You are a giant among men, a true hero in an age of scoundrels and fakes.

Yay :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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Is it possible to install the Digium Add-ons module and the Digium Phone module onto FreePBX Distro 3.211?

Probably not the addons module, but the phone module probably. Thus, you’d have to use the CLI register utility to register (DPMA), but that’s not too terrible -


Thanks for the quick reply on a weekend.

I have the phones module installed. I ordered my Digium Phone Module for Asterisk today and am waiting for it to be sent.

I am running FreePBX 3.2.11 which uses Asterisk 11. Do I still have to install

FYI. The company I work for is a Digium reseller.

Works fantastic, makes this so much easier it is unbelievable. Contacts management, provisioning, forcing updates, everything is really well implemented by the module. One small question, you can assign static IPs to these phones normally but I don’t see the option to do it in the module. Just a feature that isn’t there, or am I missing something?

I may have found a little bug. after installing and using the new Phone Module I tried populating the - Digium Phones Contacts Options under the Extension for a user. When I did that and went back to the Digium Phones module I got a lisence error, saying I needed one. So I cleared the fieleds I added info too and reloaded and the license error went away. A small thing. But at the same time, and this may be unrelated, I noticed that if I try to go into the DAHDI config portion of FreePBX I get a “DAHDI Disabled for Write disclaimer” which I didn’t get before. Again, I am not positive when this manifested as I haven;t had to make changes in the DAHDI config on 8 months I just clicked on it to see how many things I couldn’t do when I got the license error.

Yes, you’ll have to install DPMA. Installation instructions are here -

Nope, there’s no way to do management of the phones IP addresses from the FreePBX addon that we wrote - nor is there from DPMA itself. Is there a DHCP server available on your network? Why do you prefer static assignment at the device and not assignment by DHCP (even static) at the DHCP daemon?

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