FreePBX Distro: wcte12xp Failed To Load VPMADT032 Firmware

I have a Digium TE122 card installed which was working fine under an AsteriskNOW distro (Asterisk 1.8, Freepbx 2.8, Dahdi 2.5). I’ve switched to a FreePBX Distro install, and I’m getting this error now.

The only reference I’ve found in this Forum or on Google concerning this error is an older Dahdi version, which I’m assuming has been corrected in this more current version of the distro and Dahdi.

I’ve installed the FreePBX distro version resulting in the following versions:

Centos: 5.5 (Final)
Kernal: 2.6.18-194.17.1.el5

Also it shows in yum this:
dahdi-firmware-vpmadt032.noarch 1.07-1_centos5

I wasn’t sure if it mattered, but I did trying installing FreePBX distro with the card inserted and without (inserting the card after the install).

Any ideas?


-Michael McEwen

Ok, I found a way to correct this, and I’ll post it for anyone else who may have had this problem. It’s working for me so I’m ok with it, but if someone more experienced sees a problem with what I did, please feel free to chime in.

The vpmadt032 firmware was version 1.07 even though the dadhi drivers were 2.5. I found this by typing this in SSH:

yum list all | grep dahdi

It’ll list all the packages, but you’re looking for dahdi-firmware-vpmadt032.noarch which will probably show the 1.07 version which, I understand, is an older version.

I found this link which showed me a list of current drivers. I looked for the kmod-dahdi-linux-fwload-vpmadt032-2.4.0 driver for the kernal that I’m running (in my case it was 2.6.18_194.17.1.el5). It’s appended with an underscore “_” to the end of the file.

I then did a wget to download the file. Then a rpm --install to install it.

That did the trick!