FreePBX Distro V13

I am running FreePBX Distro V13. Digium Phones 40-50. Last summer my park call stopped working. When I use my park call button to park a call, the call is dropped. All the settings are the same as before. Any idea on how to fix this?

Upgrade to a supported version is probably the easiest solution. My recommendation would be v15 at least.

Thanks for your reply and info.
My inhouse tech at the time setup this system and no longer here. Little intimidated by the process.
Process being - upgrade 13 to 14 then 14 to 15 or 13 to 15.
Better yet what would you charge me to do the upgrade from 13 to 15? Or know someone that would.

How are you provisioning the phones? It will likely either be with Endpoint Manager or with the Digium Phones module.

It can be a bit of an minefield if you’re not familiar. I’m in the UK and just look after our own internal system now, so wouldn’t be able to assist.

Thanks Lorne
We use Sangoma-FreePBX V13 -Digium D40/50 phones. System is setup on a stand alone PC.
I think the phones are set to automatic but don’t know. Only use 5 phones. Where in system admin
can I find this info. Our address is

You’re on an old system, and there have been a few changes to how DPMA devices are treated since 13 was published. At this point, your goal should be to get on FreePBX 15/16 and ensure you’re provisioning your devices using a supported method (i.e. EPM). It’s a bit of a task, it might be wise to contact Sangoma support (link at top) or some other consultant to assist.

Do you know a way to talk or email someone in support about the upgrade as to cost est. before buying the support first. Cannot find any link to email or phone tech support.


PM Sent

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