FreePBX Distro update scripts (Run OK) with a Stage 1 strange message about found fr language for Directory

This is not an issue, apparently.

At least for what I saw the update process was OK but, while performing a FreePBX Distro update via Shell Script (let me say, as example, from 4.311.64-5 to 4.311.64-6), I noticed a curious message that shows up during “STAGE 1 STARTING - GUI Modules” phase:

found language dir fr for directory, not installed on system, skipping

What does it mean?

It seems to me that the message would be something like “Looking for Fr language for Directory, Language Fr not installed, Skipping”…but I can be wrong.

How to eventually fix that about Fr language?

I’m not currently using Directory and the system is installed with It(alian) voice prompts even if the GUI is in English.

Sorry, Typo…FreePBX Distro is 4.211.64 and not 4.311.64 as written.

As side note, I saw now in the FreePBX Log that two messages (always first an INFO message then an ERROR message, related each others) are very often recurring:

[2013-Aug-12 13:15:24] [INFO] (bin/retrieve_conf:109) - found language dir fr for directory, not installed on system, skipping [2013-Aug-12 13:15:24] [ERROR] (bin/retrieve_conf:185) - /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/enc failed to copy from module directory

Should I file a Ticket for this?

Some module must be trying to setup a french language. Not sure which one but something is.

That’s a real mystery!

This FreePBX Distro system is set for Italian (TONEZONE/Country Indication Tones, Time Zone and DAHDI too) and the WBM GUI was always used with English.

Will file a Ticket.

Hello Tony,

I found a reference here: I double checked with suggestions reported but I didn’t found anything strange on the (file permissions ugo/rwx) bits side.

In your opinion would I open a Ticket about that?

Best regards, Davide.