FreePBX Distro update issues

2018-05-24 yum -y update = DEAD BOX

History - Default Distro installation RAID 1
Supermicro 1u with 2 x SSD
Sysadmin PRO installed
Updated regularly with both Yum and Module admin.
Todays update resulted in:
[0.423146] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

With Console attached, chose previous Sangoma version and system is running [old kernel]

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SNG 7.5 was released as a Yum Update…

Maybe there’s a problem between your hardware and the new kernel?

That error says ‘Unable to mount root filesystem’, which - at a guess - means the driver for controller you are using to mount your HDD’s on has been removed.

(Edit: I forgot the words ‘driver for’)

Hi Rob:
The controller is embedded in the motherboard so no, it has not been removed.
I’m doing some testing on a mirror machine now. I will determine if the platform is fully compatible with the latest Centos Release and narrow down the problem that way. For now, my production machine is back functional on the original kernel.

I’ll update with my findings.

Whoops, sorry there was a typo there. I meant ‘the DRIVER for the controller you are using…’

One other thing - I have seen kernels fail to build an initrd correctly, without reporting any errors. You can see if that is the problem by ‘yum reinstall kernel’ which will redownload and rebuild everything.

Hi Dave:
The PBX is current Supermicro product.
with 4GB Ram and 2 x Intel SSD 545s

Initial install was with the Sangoma/FreePBX Dec 2017 Distribution.
System had been updated regularly.
this install was the standard yum -y update.
When I boot to old kernel it works fine. The SNG 7.5 update failed.

I’m recreating the process on a mirror PC now. Installing the prior SNG Distro, then upgrading.
Mirror Box is identical.
I’ll let you know the results.

This happened to me too. So I’m interested to hear if you resolved this.

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