FreePBX Distro - Update error

I got this email today.

This is an automatic notification from your FreePBX (AST4) server.

Module(s) requiring upgrades: digium_phones, xmpp
Upgrading module 'digium_phones' from 15.0.3 to 15.0.5
Downloading module 'digium_phones' failed after 0 seconds!
The following error(s) occured:
 - digium_phones: The currently installed module Digium Phones Config
[digium_phones] has been deprecated and may not be maintained in the future.
This may cause security or functionality issues.
The automatic upgrade was aborted, and will be automatically retried in the
future. You can manually re-run the upgrade with 'fwconsole ma installall'
after resolving the error.

Anyone else got the same? Should I manually update “digium_phones”?

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