FreePBX Distro Trim Support

I just purchased hardware today to build a PBX for a small doctor’s office. (20Phones & 4 Trunks)

  • Mushkin RAM 4GB
  • Mushkin 40GB SATA2 MLC SSD
    From what I’ve read this will be more than enough horsepower to run this system. But what I’m concerned about is TRIM support for my SSD.
    I see that the latest stable release of the FreePBX Distro comes with CentOS 5.8 which if you use EXT4 should be fine…
    So after all of that here is my question.
    Are you given the choice at Install time to choose EXT4?
    If not will a conversion from EXT3 to EXT4 going to cause any issues with the future upgrades that will be released?
    Thank you,

That’s a great question. At load time try the define custom drive option. You should be able to change the file system in fdisk.

Please let us know how it goes.