FreePBX Distro - System has become unstable

Really? Sad. Whose code uses the setting and supports stun servers?

Following a previous problem with DDNS I suggested that the current health of the network is difficult to monitor and that all settings for the network would best be located in one place.

Everything that can be done along those lines would be much appreciated and, I believe, would help avoid problems.


There is another way to restart asterisk… Use the Power function in the SYstem Admin. Rebooting the server with restart everything, an in my experience, doesn’t take that much longer.

Just a stab in the dark to a problem I’m having… Do your phones show “no service” when the problem has starts?

No. All calls, including calls to extensions, respond with fast busy and incoming calls failed. Calls to and from my DAHDI land line also failed. It was a mess.