FreePBX distro on Rhino Appliance

I’ll be installing the distro on a 2 year old Rhino box w/ 4 port Rhino FXO card. I don’t suppose there’s an installation script for the Rhino card like there is for wanpipe, eh?

Related question: does anyone know where to find the driver for the display on the front of the Rhino case?

I think these instructions are available on the Rhino site.

Installing the driver for the display

  1. Grab the RPM

mkdir -p /usr/local/src/rhino
cd /usr/local/src/rhino
wget -O rsli-current.rpm

  1. Install the RPM

rpm -ivh rsli-current.rpm

  1. This system starts and stops with an init script. The display should load on reboot if it does not load on install.

/etc/init.d/sli restart

Thanks to @alan_mousty for the display instructions :slight_smile:

WOW, that was difficult - the appliance worked fine but the FXO card was a challenge. Had to downgrade Dahdi to 2.5.0, setup for MG2 echo cancellation, and do the following as per the Rhino site:

Compiling Rhino DAHDI Drivers.
Our DAHDI drivers are currently in production on many systems however as DAHDI is still growing and being adopted we have maintained a BETA state so we may adjust with the growth of DAHDI. This article explains how to compile DAHDI drivers from source. This article assumes you have the kernel sources appropriately installed. These steps have been performed on CentOS based systems which seem to be the most commonly used but there is no reason it should not work on other Linux flavors.

Source Install:
The DAHDI sources we reference come in 2 different packages dahdi-linux-VERSION.tar.gz and dahdi-linux-complete-VERSION+VERSION.tar.gz with “VERSION” being replaced appropriately. We must let the system know whwere your sources are before we build to do so simply type the following replacing /path/to/DAHDILINUXDIR with your dahdi folder and leave /linux/ at the end:

export DAHDI_DIR=/path/to/DAHDILINUXDIR/linux/

tar -xjvf rhino-linux-current.tbz2
cd rhino-linux-*
make install
depmod -a
modprobe rcbfx
dahdi_cfg -vv
echo “rcbfx” >> /etc/dahdi/modules
echo “blacklist rcbfx” >> /etc/modprobe.d/dahdi.blacklist.conf
asterisk -rx ‘core restart now’