FreePBX Distro on Centos 6.2

I should have new rpms built which should resolve this issue, once they are in YUM, I’ll try to comment back here to have you test.

There should be a new rpm available in yum for the 64 bit version of Zend Guard Loader.

Thanks, I installed the RPM successfully. However, I had to manually enable the module by adding the following lines to php.ini:


The System Admin module installed successfully.

After installing the 32-bit beta distro, I received the following error:
“Some firstboot error occured, and the system is not properly setup. Check to see if you have internet access and re-run /etc/”. The system has Internet access.

However, the system seems to be working properly and all modules are up to date. I uncommented /etc/ from /etc/rc.local so the message no longer appears on start up.

On another note, I was having trouble with choppy playback of system recordings and custom recordings on the Hyper-V platform with CentOS 5.8 based distros. All recordings playback perfectly on the CentOS 6.2 beta release.

Might be that I posted in the wrong place…

i am install 10.5 centos 6.2 64Bit from full ISO file.

network tools (like nslookup,dig) not install.

bind-utils package request on all systems

Yes we always offer upgrade paths

Thanks Tony…

I am about to reload my personal server to get past some issues, so figured maybe I would take and load some of the newer code as long as it wasn’t a dead end. Will take a peek at that here soon…

The necessary lines should have already been added to /etc/php.d/zendguard.ini as part of the install process.

If you have a package request, please open a feature request on it so that it’s on our radar, as it’s easily lost in the forum.

If your load you latest beta distro, as future updates come, is there a way to update to the new releases, or at you stuck with a full reload?

I ask as I run a distro here at home as well, and I don’t mind testing the stuff, but not sure I have it in me at the moment to do a full reload every update. As long as I can update without slicking the machine, I don’t mind trying the newer code here on my personal system…

I will be glad to give it a go i have a couple dell 2950 sitting idel
waiting for some thing to do